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Probably the best animated DBZ parody i have ever seen and also one of the funniest,voice acting was great and it had a swell ending as well,i would love to see more parodies like these from you S-L keep up the great work. =)

Oh My this was quite trippy indeed,i loved the animation style and all the neat colors when Pikachu was tripping and i got a lot of laughs throughout the video,overall i enjoyed this very much and would watch it again. :)

How a Turd of the Week should be made

It wasn't the absolute worst of the week i don't believe but still i point out that this flash is what a Turd of the Week should be where not good but not horrible to the point where it shouldn't have been passed in the first place.

The animation looked solid and it did give me a good quick laugh which is all nice qualities i bet you won't see a better Turd of the Week this year so you should feel accomplished on getting this award.

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One of the type of flash games that never seems to get old cause bugs will forever exist in Windows products is Windows error parody games on Newgrounds and this Vista one kept me quite busy to find all the easter eggs and bugs in it which gave me a lot of laughs through out and was a good mind bender to figure everything out,you did a swell job on this game and would love to see a Windows 7 parody or even a new 8 which i heard is pretty crappy. =)

Hope to see more from you in the future.

TheMadWasp responds:

Yeah, thanks man, I love making these, I also find these parodies to never get old, I don't think I could do Windows 7 as that one is pretty much perfect and I've never used Windows 8, so I wouldn't know what to put where, maybe I'll try at some point, but I'm planning to make a final error gallery for Windows ME and for that to be the last one, maybe I'll do a Windows 7/8/Blue Error gallery, but I can't be sure for now.



This was a neat little game to test one's own NES library memory and was done quite well i loved how all the characters was bumped up together like a Where is Waldo puzzle book and was quite challenging even for me which i thought i was an expert at the NES library but even i had a difficult time with a few of the answers.

The one thing that would have been a bonus is a difficulty setting or getting penalties for guess the wrong answer instead of just clicking everywhere and hoping you get it right but overall i still enjoyed this very much so keep up the good work. =)

I think every new user that comes to Newgrounds and wants to know it's history and culture needs to go through this whole Codex,it was very professional and looked fantastic i was quite intrigued with all of the information it had to offer about all the big names associated with Newgrounds.

You really did make an impressive bundle of information and it was a real treat,thanks a lot man. =)

deathink responds:

Thanks a real lot man, theInterviewer did a great job collecting this knowledge, and I am just happy I could think of just one more way to spread it.

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I'm not too familiar with Silver's theme since I never played the Sonic game from PS3 but regardless this was a real catchy song I like the mix of trance & ambient styles it had and overall it was very enjoyable,nice job. :-)

This was a swell remix of the pac-man theme you made though at first it wasn't too much different than any other pac-man remix but it was catchy and got better as the song went along though I thought it was a bit short but overall not bad. :-)

I thought this was a very nice & soothing remix you did of the Sacred Grove theme from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess,I loved it's ambient style and it had a good steady pace and everything synced out very well I especially loved midway through the song,overall i think you did a great job on this remix so keep up the great work. :-)

Shamukh responds:


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This was an awesome drawing you did of the Green Knight from Castle Crashers,I loved the detail & design of him especially the green poison gas cloud hovering over him and the background blended in well with him,overall I liked your picture a lot and hope to see more from you. :-)

This was a hella sweet picture you drew,I really liked the character and her design and it went petfect with the black background also nice touch on the water ripple effect,overall I liked your picture so keep up the good work. :-)

YouAreNotAlone responds:

Thanx, i'll try my best)

I really liked this picture of Link you drew I was impressed with the detail & design I also got a kick out of him struming the harp like he's air guitaring it,the colors looked great and overall I think you did an excellent job on your Link picture. :-)

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